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yep, pretty regular. nice job. keep it strong. thanks. onward and upward! vo: launch your day. ...with the multivitamin made with 26 fruits and vegetables plus extra b-vitamins... ...for energy. alive. start feeling it. a 17-year-old boy is dead after a car crash. michael mcverry was in the car that crashed into another vehicle and the driver of the other car is in shock trauma. police say there's no sign drugs or alcohol played a role and they said this stretch of road has a history of accidents. >> two brothers are dead after a triple shooting in baltimore. the two died later at the
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hospital. the mother was shot in the fast but survived. police are looking for three to four suspects. >> and mta officers will not release this driver. this was uncovered by investigators on tuesday. on the weather front it has been a crisp day, no question about that. we're almost in the 30s. baltimore, we're at 39 in norrisville. temperatures are dropping out of the 40s. clear skies for the most. may sew a few additional clouds, a mix of sun and clouds. weak boundary to the west. it could bring a few extra clouds. 40s this evening. overnight clear and cold, down in the low 30s by daybreak
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tomorrow for that early morning commute. dress warm. we have much more by friday and saturday. it's coming up. gem david petraeus has kept the -- general david petraeus has kept the details of his relationship with paula broadwell quiet. >> today the white house, even president obama weighed in on this. >> we are safer because of the work that david petraeus has done and my main hope right now is that he and his family are able to move on. >> reporter: the president weighed in for the first time on the sex scandal that has captured the nation's attention and forced david petraeus to resign has director of the cia after admitting to an affair with his biographer paula broadwell. >> i have no evidence at this point from what i've seen that classified information was disclosed, that in any way would
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have had a negative impact on our national security. >> reporter: another respective four star general got a vote of confidence from the secretary of defense. general john allen is' queuesed of exchanging emails with jill kelley, who sparked the petraeus investigation. >> he has our confidence. >> reporter: kelley is under investigation for invoking her special access at mcdill where she was allowed to walk around without a military escort. she is accused of storing cdzal material -- confidential material at her home. >> no comment. >> reporter: the president said this afternoon that he hopes the
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paula broadwell affair will otherwise end up being a blip on petraeus' career. we found video of a drunk driver high on drugs. he's an er doctor, driving to work dressed in scrubs apparently dressed for surgery. the car barrels out of the parking lot and strays into traffic. it went hair borne before violent lie striking a car. >> got hammered. i thought it was the end of the world. >> police said 56-year-old christian howard was high. when stopped, she was wearing her scrubs. police found precipitation drugs in her car, precipitations that she -- prescriptions that she
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had wren for -- written for herself. we have an update on the woman caught on camera driving a school bus. the judge ordered shena hardin to stand on the corner saying she's an idiot. she said i broke laws and all have the potential for a dangerous outcome. this is a learning experience for me and if you make for or bad choices you have to suffer the consequences. hardin's license was suspended for 33 days and was ordered to pay $50 in court costs. >> 3 people died -- 32 died and hundreds were sick from the tainted drugs from the new england compounding center.
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for frequent fliers your next trip through bwi could be quicker. the transportation security administration said select people can opt in to forego screening. the tsa said the new precheck program will enhance security by allowing them to focus on some of the more higher risk travelers. fliers going through the faster screening were pretty impressed. >> great. no must, no fuss. don't take your computer off, don't take your belt off. just walk through. >> now the prescreen travelers may have random checks. all right. a recall to tell you about. >> why you should be bringing your car back to the dealer if you own one of these. >> the best time to shop is one
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of these. >> come on, when is it not a good time to shop. beautiful blue skies over kent island today but a chill in the air. it will hold up. we'll talk about it straight ahead.
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the dow fell 156 points. nasdaq was down 30 and s&p down 19. for the second time in ament a major recall for toyota to tell you b this time the automaker is recalling 2 1/2 million vehicles including the prius. toyota said the vehicles could be damaged and swech into -- neglect to switch into hybrid mode if they aren't fixed. toyota will notify owners by mail starting next month. >> papa john's pizza has been delivering more than pizza.
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they filed a $250 million lawsuit against the chain saying papa john's sent out spam texts and some got 15 or 16 in a row. one of the plaintiffs said papa john's never asked permission to text the ad. facebook isn't liking the fakeery that's popping up on its site. facebook prides it self-as a place where people use their real identity on the web. it's taken the problem pretty seriously. the man in charge of facebook's security said a new automated system is in place to purge fake likes president the company has
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anywhere from 150 to 300 employees to stop fraud. >> all right. if you're not one of those shoppers who wants to deal with all the black friday crowds, the four weekdays following thanksgiving weekend are probably the best time to shop. according to the study, those are the days you will likely find the lighter crowds, better customer service and discounties. >> the common misperception for car buyers and how students are learning about other cultures.
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early sunset these days, just past 4:50 in baltimore. 4:52 to be exact. winds from the north. never out of the upper 40s. now we're not mid-40s and on our
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way to a chilly night. the day that was not so bad. parkville middle finding beautiful brilliant skies. tree leaf cover. manchester valley high school. a sunny practice but chilly on the football field late in the day. ellicott city, a nice looking ?e. school visit at appleton, talking to the fifth graders. they had some good questions and we talked about the effects of superstorm sandy. winds from the north will cope the chill factor on. it's already feeling like 30s in hagerstown, dulles and, dover and patuxent rirch -- river. we're still below freeze bilge daybreak in bel air, baltimore,
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chester town, et cetera. we struggle to get out of the 40s. mainly we'll see additional included cover, no rain. it will help keep temperatures down. by tomorrow night we're back in the 20s and low 30s. it will be two frosty nights in a row. cloudy. absolutely, it will be cloudy. clear for the moment bit high thin clouds rolling in out of the west. that will be our story. we'll hold temperatures down slightly. the core of the coldest air right over the mid-atlantic states will drift north and still somewhat chilly because of a mix of sun and clouds. as we go general electric beyond -- go beyond it we will moderate. we're watching a coastal storm off south carolina. generating extra breeze around maryland by the time we get into early next week.
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30, clearing cold. as we look tomorrow, 48. it's going to be one of those chilly november days, still sunny with clouds mixing in at times. the more significant warmup will happen friday and the chance for showers late sunday into the day on monday. looks like weather will be clear for the bulk of the day. by sunday you're headed in to watch the pittsburgh game. >> you'll have the forecast. >> at 6:00 we'll break down the pittsburgh weather for sunday night because that's what we really care about. >> for us beating pittsburgh. the holiday season is a popular time for car sales with end of the year clearances and parents buying cars for gifts. >> as john matarese says, he's got a warning about anyone buying a used car right now so you don't waste your money. >> reporter: many used car
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buyers have two dangerous misconception. one, they believe they have a three-day right to return the car and they believe there's a lemon law. both are not true and cause many buyers a lot of heartache. need a car? how about this 2001 chrysler pt cruiser, clean engine, receipts tip interior and priced just right for sharon miller until she brought it home. >> i bought it tuesday. it died thursday and again monday. >> reporter: now she has no money and a vehicle that's barry drivable. >> the brakes wouldn't work. >> reporter: she bought it with just a test drive not knowing the underside was rusted down to the suspension and brakes. >> the suspension isn't good.
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>> reporter: repair estimate $1600. sharon's mistake, she bought the car from a corner car lot as is, no warranty. in english, you own any problems. ette has tips. first, know how much you can afford and look online. don't fall in love with any car. test drive it at 55 miles an hour with the radio off. get at least a 30-day warranty. no warranty, pay a mechanic $50 to $100 to inspect it. would you have spotted it? >> yes, and i would have advised her not to buy it. >> reporter: the owner said he would work with sharon on the repair cost. that doesn't mean he will return the money or buy her car back. legally, help doesn't have to. it was sold as is. that's an important distinction who remember so you don't waste your money. there are a lot of people for thanksgiving who cannot afford a turkey and all the
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trimmings. the assistance council is doing something to he. the council collects baskets for food and the needy. the collections will continue for the next couple of days. local businesses, churches, nonprofits donate. this year superstorm sandy caused the council to get behind more collections. >> with hurricane san day, some of the churches have donated their things to the hurricane families and cons qentsly it's going to cause us to be short. >> right now the council is 500 baskets short. the collected baskets will be h.ed out to baltimore county residents next week. >> students learn about a different culture thanks to a partnership that takes them a few steps from their school doors. sherrie johnson shows us how the museum partnership program is making a difference here today students at city springs elementary school in east baltimore have a different
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classroom. they're touring the jewish museum of maryland, which is a few steps away from their school building. it's part of the partnership for pre-k through 12th grade. >> we are a multicultural world now, a world with different people. it's important to have diversity but more importantly you need to respect diversity and we're teaching our neighbors about ar. >> reporter: the jewish museum of maryland has teamed up with local schools to teach students about a different culture. this offer last look at jewish customs, history synagogues and foods. >> to see how other people live and sell brai. i think this is a great opportunity. it's literally two minutes away from our school. >> reporter: city springs is a charter school.
5:53 pm
administrators pride themselves on teaching students about diversity. >> i think it's also important for them to not only learn about the differences but to also understand the similarities. >> reporter: students are enjoying the learning experience. >> really great. it looks like a church where you could say your prayers. >> reporter: this multiculture experience is in an effort to make sure students have a well rounded education. >> the jewish museum of maryland work with the school, even fully subsidizing the cost of bus transportation. all right. coming up in six minutes all new at 6:00 the robbery, a shooting and fire. how a local walmart employee managed to survive a terrifying shift at work. >> now that question seven has
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passed, make way for the table games. all those stories and a lot more coming up at 6:00. now here's a preview of what's ahead at 6:30. >> president obama's first press conference since reelection. our team is here to give you the biggest election. that's coming up. i'm doing my own sleep study.
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advil pm® or tylenol pm. the advil pm® guy is spending less time lying awake with annoying aches and pains and more time asleep. advil pm®. the difference is a better night's sleep.
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it was a double elimination on "dancing with the stars." two all star teams went.
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kirstie alley. she's gone. >> i honestly thought we should be voted off any second every single show. our fans are insanely amazing. thank you for staying up all night voting for us every week. >> and gilles and his partner. people crowned this year's sexiest man alive, channing tatum. he is also in 21 jump street. bradley cooper last year was the sexiest man alive. >> dropped down. he lost his title. >> i don't know. di ends on who you ask.
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>> all right. millions of us will be boarding plans for the thanksgiving holiday and getting sick. >> what experts say the three germiest areas on a plane are. we have that coming up at six which starts right now. an employee at a local wal-mart forced into the parking lot and shot. why they also saw flames when they got to the scene. >> a bus driver caught on video in a fight with a student. >> it's an epidemic claiming the lives of children in maryland, what researchers say parents should hear about which children may become bullies. >> we'll think of the man who went to work in wal-mart. >> don harrison has more on the shooting, the suspect and the bizarre scene officers fond in the parklo

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